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Dunlop Tyres
It was back in 1888 that John Boyd Dunlop replaced the solid tyres on his son’s tricycle with thin rubber strips, glued together and inflated with air. It was the first step along the road of a brand that was to provide some of the world’s best known products. Today, the pneumatic tyre is more than 120 years old. Dunlop celebrates its enduring success and the unique role that the brand has played in pioneering and enhancing the performance of tyres through the years.

With Dunlop’s commitment to motor-racing competition in all its forms, the transfer of racing technology to road tyres for the normal everyday driver is a tradition that goes right back to the earliest days of the Dunlop tyre company. Over the course of more than 120 years, Dunlop has achieved exceptional results on the race track, including 34 victories in then world famous Le Mans 24-Hour car endurance race.

Dunlop continues to be involved right across the world in a whole range of sports on two and four wheels. For more than 120 years, the innovations pioneered by Dunlop and the company’s success in motorsport have enabled the brand to build up an unparalleled reputation among car and motorcycle enthusiasts.

For more information you can visit the Dunlop Tyres website. The Dunlop Tyres range of products include the following:

SP30 - Designed for small city cars with low road noise

  1. Superb braking and accelerating
  2. Resistant to aquaplaning
  3. Quiet, comfortable ride.

SP SportMaxx - Designed for maximum grip and handling for performance sport cars

  1. Outstanding dry and wet handling
  2. Superb braking and acceleration performance
  3. High aquaplaning resistance
  4. Stability and comfort.

SP SportMaxx TT - Designed with precision handling in mind for performance sport cars

  1. Driving precision with DuPont Kevlar
  2. Superb handling and cornering
  3. Excellent grip and braking.

SP StreetResponse - Designed for superior dry handling for city cars

  1. Superior dry handling
  2. Better braking on wet
  3. Fuel efficient.

SP Sport FastResponse - Designed for responsive handling in wet and dry conditions

  1. Excellent road feedback and responsiveness
  2. Superb wet weather performance
  3. Precise cornering control
  4. Fuel efficient with high mileage.

SP Winter Sport 3D - Designed as a high performance winter weather tyre

  1. Drivability in all weather conditions
  2. Excellent dry handling
  3. Improved wet and dry grip
  4. Aquaplaning resistance.

SP Winter Sport 4D - Winter weather tyre for high performance cars

  1. Exceptional performance on winter roads
  2. Enhanced snow and ice traction
  3. Control and grip in wet conditions
  4. Fuel efficient design.

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When we replace your used or damaged tyres at Concorde Auto Centre we dispose of the tyres via our in-house tyre shredder. The waste material is then sent to be recycled into new rubber-based products

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