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Hankook Tyres
Established back in 1941, Hankook Tyres is one of the world's largest and fastest growing tyre manufacturers of radial tyres for cars, SUVs, light commercial vehicles, trucks, and buses. Hankook Tyres are carving themselves a market for cutting-edge technologies that are giving customers satisfaction through their high quality tyre products. Through sales in 185 countries around the world, Hankook Tyres are ranked 7th in global sales revenue.

Hankook has recently announced they will become an Official Sponsor to the UEFA Europa League for the period 2012 – 2015. The new partnership demonstrates another milestone in the company’s European marketing approach to sustainably increase brand awareness for the company. Hankook will benefit from extensive brand exposure such as perimeter board advertising in the stadiums, media backdrops during flash interviews as well as during official UEFA press conferences. The competition also attracts an extensive live and television audience - not only in Europe, but throughout the world.

For more information you can visit the Hankook Tyres website. The Hankook Tyres range of products include the following:

Ventus S1 Evo - Designed to offer the best balance between wet and dry conditions

  1. The best balance between wet & dry performance!
  2. A controlled and precise cornering ability when driving at higher speeds
  3. Satisfies both performance and environmental needs through minimization of rolling resistance and optimal implementation of the profile
  4. Dry performance maximization by optimized block stiffness.

Kinergy Eco - Designed to maximise fuel efficiency while offering a comfort ride

  1. Kinergy eco’s Fuel Saving Technology was developed by combining new materials, such as nano-scale silica particles, using new mixing technology
  2. These technologies help improve both fuel efficiency and wet braking performance
  3. This tire was designed to satisfy customers riding comfort as well as maximizing fuel efficiency
  4. This combination of comfort and efficiency was made possible through the use of Hankook’s vibration control technology.

Winter i*cept Evo - Designed as a winter tyre for performance and sports cars

  1. Winter i*cept evo is a winter tire with a sporty look developed for high performance and sports cars
  2. This dynamic looking tire provides excellent performance under winter weather conditions
  3. The Winter i*cept evo relies on the asymmetrical pattern to respond to slippery winter weather conditions, including wet and frigid road surfaces and snow and ice
  4. A High-Technology Tread compound enhances winter weather performance while the outer longitudinal rib block provides exceptional braking and cornering
  5. Tame the winter roads with Hankook's innovative Winter i*cept evo.

Ventus V12 Evo - Designed for ultra high performance and road handling

  1. The new power in sports driving!
  2. A new concept in ultra high performance tires that delivers superb control and braking
  3. Experience unrivaled comfort during high-speed driving
  4. MTR (Multiple Tread Radius), innovative tread design and HPSR compound technology provide superior precise control and responsiveness required for performance under extreme driving conditions.

Optimo 4S - Designed to reduce aquaplaning in wet weather conditions

  1. Superior traction in dry and wet conditions during the summer
  2. Prevents aquaplaning in the summer
  3. Outstanding performance in snowy and icy conditions
  4. Enhanced comfort driving experience by keeping noise on a minimum level.

Ventus ST - Designed specifically for the SUV market

  1. Designed specifically for the high performance, luxury SUV market
  2. Controlled footprint shape ensures maximum contact
  3. Remarkable performance and road handling in all weather conditions
  4. Outstanding performance, minimal treadwear, long tread life and a quiet and comfortable ride.

Dynapro ATM - Designed as an all terrain tyre for pickups and SUVs

  1. Rough all-terrain tire for pickups, vans and sport utility vehicles
  2. Innovative tread and sidewall design to enhance the style of your vehicle
  3. Developed for premium pickups, the Dynapro ATM offers exceptional grip and acceleration on all types of roads.

Dynapro i*cept - Designed for safe winter driving and improved braking on icy roads

  1. A new silica compound ensures safe winter driving with outstanding braking performance on icy roads
  2. Hankook Tire's unique design technology SCCT provides better traction and grip on icy and snowy roads while preventing loss in snow traction and braking performance on slippery surfaces.

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When we replace your used or damaged tyres at Concorde Auto Centre we dispose of the tyres via our in-house tyre shredder. The waste material is then sent to be recycled into new rubber-based products

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